Continued from Volunteers Run the Show—and Save the Budget—for Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

Here's a look the organizational structure used to delegate responsibilities among volunteers involved in the Lutheran Women's Missionary League's convention.

Host Committee (HC)

There are five HC departments, each consisting of several committees. The HC chairperson coordinates the departments. Personnel involved in HC departments include:

  1. Communications Department Coordinator: enlists spiritual support and promotes the convention

    • Prayer Committee Chairwoman: leads the convention's prayer efforts

    • Publicity Committee Chairwoman: promotes the convention within the host convention district and provides resources for LWML public relations director

    • Secretary: records and disseminates the proceedings of the HC

    • Staff Services Committee Chairwoman: provides clerical expertise

  2. Creative Enhancements Department Coordinator: suggests and carries out approved activities and settings that have an impact on the delegates' convention experience

    • Activities Committee Chairwoman: puts into action events and opportunities that attract and enrich participation in convention

    • Decorations Committee Chairwoman: provides decorative settings to enhance convention areas

    • Music Committee Chairwoman: arranges for appropriate music and accomplished musicians

  3. Facility Management Department Coordinator: provides best possible physical arrangements for the convention body

    • Properties Committee Chairwoman: arranges for staging equipment and other support items for producing the convention; helps with technical media

    • Ushers Committee Chairwoman: coordinates attendants at spiritual events and business sessions

    • Worship Support Committee Chairwoman: coordinates needs of attendees at the meeting site to enhance their woship experiences

  4. Guest Services Department Coordinator: arranges guest services for attendees

    • Child/Youth Care Committee Chairwoman: puts together quality Christian child/youth care for attendees

    • Food Services Committee Chairwoman: arranges quality meals and dining experience for attendees

    • Packet Materials/Registration Committee Chairwoman: provides convention attendees with a packet of convention materials and assists the convention registrar

    • Tours Committee Chairwoman: researches and assists with area tours

    • Transportation Committee Chairwoman: manages requirements for efficient ground transportation

  5. Personnel Resources Department Coordinator: manages human resources for convention

    • Pastoral Counselors (two): spiritual advisers for the Host Committee

    • Hospitality Committee Chairwoman: secures gracious and caring personnel to make a positive difference in the lives of convention attendees

    • Special Dress Committee Chairwoman: provides coordinated attire for committee members and workers; assists LWML store staff in the exhibit area during convention

    • District President: encourages the members of the hosting district to support and participate in the convention

    • Convention Manager: identifies and makes the necessary provisions for adequate and quality housing and meeting space; responsible for preparing the convention budget; receives and prepares convention info pages in publication materials; secures and works with convention decorator; supervises registration process; serves as liaison with the Host Committee

    • Exhibits Coordinator: contacts potential exhibitors, communicates with them, sends exhibitor contract information, and addresses other questions regarding exhibits

    • Audiovisual Director: (contracted service) provides all audiovisual needs.

    • Convention Programming Committee: uses the convention goals and objectives to develop plans, programming, and activities

    • Executive Committee: determines the dates of the national convention, sets goals and objectives of convention, plans and supervises the program, and ascertains and oversees the budget