Got a group that craves adventure? Bring them on down to Sydney and the Hunter Valley, where the Aussies have cooked up a series of activities that will keep the adrenaline pumping — with the appropriate touches of luxury, of course.

  • Climbin': Take a 3-hour guided climb to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, which at the top of its arch rises 426 feet over the city. It's just difficult enough to get the blood pumping, it's very safe (you're attached to the railing at all times), and the view from the top is worth the effort and then some. To find out more, go to

  • Divin': On a prime piece of harbor real estate at Circular Quay (where the commuter ferries chug in and out at all hours) sits the Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibits of the newest in Australian art are all the things expected from a contemporary art gallery, but there's another kind of fun available from the seventh floor — diving off the roof (feet first or head first, as you prefer) and rappelling down the side. It's thrilling — it absolutely stops pedestrian traffic while you're doing it — and safe, thanks to the careful work of BushSports Adventure Event Management, which organizes the activity. For more information, go to

  • Drivin': Transfer (two and a half hours by bus, or 20 minutes by plane) north to the beautiful wine country of the Hunter Valley. Then go out to the Port Stephens sand dunes, where Tony Burrell and his crew from Sand Safaris ( will give your group a half-hour training session and then lead them out onto the dunes, each aboard his or her own Honda 4×4 Quad Bike — sort of a four-wheeled motorcycle with the handling characteristics of a snowmobile. A pair of guides will take the riders up and down the dunes, with the ocean just a glance to one side. It's like being on a thrill ride, except it's the real thing.

Do it in the morning, then come back for a session of wine school with Philp Helé of Hunter Resort Country Estate, the largest winemaker in the Valley. And don't forget to ask one of the Hunter Valley's many knowledgeable coach drivers to pick a vineyard for your group to visit, and maybe take them out chasing kangaroos through the vines at dusk.