Want to make a big splash with your top producers? Imagine putting them on an engine-powered outrigger draped with flower garlands and skimming across the light chop on the lagoon surrounding the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. A charming tour guide named Patrick, who looks like a Polynesian Mel Gibson, picks them up dockside at the hotel, and whisks them off to a secluded reef teeming with tropical fish for some of the world's finest snorkeling. But that's just the beginning of the adventure options offered for small groups by Maohi Nui Excursions.

After the underwater safari, Patrick can take them off to a remote motu (what the locals call the islets ringing the main volcanic center island) that has been in his family's possession for generations. Your group can lounge in the warm water, dig their toes into the sand, or watch Patrick and some of his family members prepare a feast of coconut-milk marinated tuna, breadfruit, and other native fare. Then it's time to go visit some of the area's other local residents — manta rays.

Even those who are not exactly the adventurous type will be intrigued when the guide summons the rays by banging the side of the boat. Participants are then are invited to climb into the chest-high water and, with bait fish in hand, lure the rays up close. In seconds, the rays will be swarming the waders like living matador capes. It sounds rather ominous, but the flap of their suede-like wings is an experience not to be missed.

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