Don't Lug Your Clubs

Given tighter airport security and a ban on soft-cased golf travel bags by some major airlines, many execs don't want to schlep golf clubs along on a business trip. There are two rental options for golfers: either at the resort or through a third-party club-rental service.

“I have seen the ratio of golfer to rental club change quite a bit,” says Charlie Kent, a Golden Links Advisory Board member and director of golf at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas.

For example, for two recent corporate tournaments held at the resort, Kent had 73 rental club requests out of 116 golfers in the first, and 64 rentals out of 84 golfers in the second.

You can also rent through companies like, a Columbia, S.C.-based company that delivers rental sets of top-of-the-line clubs — including Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made, Ping, and others — to anywhere in the U.S. The company Web site,, allows prospective renters to view the golf equipment and make online reservations.

The costs for group club rentals average around $60 a day. ShipGolf has recently introduced special group rates of $45 per day for full sets of clubs and $15 for each additional day, plus group discounts for individual equipment such as golf shoes and single clubs.

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