See Before You Buy BRANDERS/EVENTSOURCE ALLIANCE Log on to, select one of 4,000 products, drag and drop your logo onto it, and see what it looks like. Choosing a T-shirt? Drag your logo over (as an eps or jpeg file) and you can even check out the different looks offered by silk-screening versus embroidery.

The site went live in January and now has 10,000 registered users, says Dale Veno, vice president, sales and marketing. All items you find on the site are in stock and available. You can get a quote and place an order online. If 4,000 products seems like too much to choose from, search the catalog by price range, type of meeting, or key word.

Branded promotional products usually are ordered 45 to 60 days out from an event. That's where EventSource ( comes in. If you're an Event-Source user, you'll get an e-mail reminder about your promo items at just the right time - with a link to