The Insurance Conference Planners Association is an association of insurance industry meeting planners who exchange prov-

en meeting management techniques and explore trends and new ideas that may enhance the value of conferences.

Members also promote the professional stature, competence, and career growth of planners and emphasize effective communications with those in the hospitality industry. Of primary importance is the promotion of high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Each member pledges to Refrain from participation in any business transaction that would cause damages to or discredit a person or organization.

Respect the legal and contractual rights of all parties and honor all signed contracts and commitments, both written and oral.

Refrain from using site inspections and/or fam trips as personal vacations, or without having a valid interest in the property for a future meeting.

Avoid conflict of interest by not accepting any gift, payments, fees, services, discounts, or other favors that would, or might appear to, improperly influence decisions.

Refuse to disclose or provide access to confidential information.