ICPA members have heard a lot about a possible name change this year to reflect the evolving nature of the insurance and financial services industries. A branding task force of planner members and hospitality partners is providing input, and in July the ICPA board will decide on a recommended name for the association, which will be brought to the full membership in late summer for a vote.

The vote will be posed in the form of a significant bylaws revision that will include provisions for the new name, and will also modernize the association's bylaws to reflect the most current laws and best practices in association management.

An association's bylaws are an agreement between the association and its members, and they serve as the association's “constitution.” Rather than being detailed and prescriptive, bylaws provide general guidance and set minimum standards necessary to achieve corporate existence — how the association is formed and how it is governed. Changes to the bylaws must be approved by the association's membership.

More detailed management and operational items are included in a separate document that focuses on administrative policies and procedures. “The Board Policy Manual” is valuable because it outlines the areas likely to be the subject of future board discussion and expands on the provisions set forth in the bylaws. Importantly, the policies prevent “reinventing the wheel” as the board transitions over time, but they also empower the board to be responsive and effect change within the organization when needed.

A bylaws task force comprising John Touchette, Michael Burke, and Steve Bova has combed through the current bylaws and identified areas that are in need of updating. Before the next board meeting, the bylaws will undergo review by ICPA legal counsel, who is an association law expert. In July, the ICPA board will discuss and approve the bylaws changes, and the new bylaws will be prepared for presentation to the ICPA membership for approval, along with a name change, in late August.

As always, we welcome your feedback at info@icpanet.com.