Making Magic on Maui Incentive meeting promotion is critical when you're looking to entice independent brokers. But imagine trying to attract them to your first-ever incentive. With no track record, the promotional campaign has to work doubly hard. Add to that a two-year qualification period and you've got quite a creative task on your hands.

JoAnne Eisbrener, vice president of sales for First Penn Pacific Life Insurance Company (including the Hoffman Estates Brokerage Division) in Oak Brook Terrace, Ill., outsourced that task to Ron Springer, senior vice president, CVC Communications. "These brokerage owners are very well-heeled," Springer notes. "First Penn's charge to us was: 'Come up with a program that will really inspire them.'"

Based on a poll of potential attendees, CVC chose the Four Seasons Maui as the site for the meeting, then embarked on what Springer calls, "the meeting communication cycle"--the series of promotional and follow-up mailings that would get the most out of the meeting experience.

The promotion was centered around the meeting theme, Maui Magic, and, especially, one of the keynote speakers--DeWitt Jones. A former National Geographic photographer, Jones not only spoke to the group about creativity and perspective, he also accompanied them on a whale-watch tour and a rain-forest hike, giving all attendees photography tips.

The kickoff piece, sent to all 200 brokerages, was a stunning DeWitt Jones photograph of a Bird of Paradise blossom. Subsequent mailings included a CD of Hawaiian music, a water bottle, and other trinkets with the theme.

"It's a two-year qualification period, so it had to be exciting," Eisbrener says. "We had to keep them talking about it and focused on what they were trying to do."

And the communication didn't end when the conference did. A videotape of the DeWitt Jones talk was mailed to attendees following the program, and, some months after that, attendees received a hardcover book featuring his photographs from around the world.

The Program * Company: First Penn Pacific Life Insurance Company

* Event: Brokerage General Agents Top Producers Convention

* Site: Four Seasons Hotel, Maui, Hawaii

* Dates: March 3 to 8, 1998

* Qualification Period: January 1996 through December 1997

* Qualifying Attendees: 35 agency principals

* Total Attendees: 105

* Theme: Maui Magic

* Promotion Concept and Design: CVC Communications, Buffalo Grove, Ill.