Six Months to One Year Out * Decide on the golf course.

* Book your tee times.

* Determine your menus.

* Receive and sign contracts.

* Book celebrity or guest professional, if any. 4:55 PM 3/23/014:55 PM 3/23/01 * Book entertainment, if any.

Six Months Out * Determine tournament format.

* Decide on your invitation list.

* Mailpre-invitations.

Three Months Out * Order logo items or special gifts.

* Confirm appearance of speaker or entertainers.

* Schedule photographer/videographer.

* Mail invitations.

One Month Out * Confirm tee times with golf course or with golf event management company.

* Check on the status of your special-order prizes or participant gifts.

* Mail second invitations, if it's necessary.

* Mail confirmation letters.

* Order banners, tee signs, and any other signage you're using.

* Schedule a meeting with the golf course.

Two Weeks Out * Go over checklist.

* Go over changes.

* Call golf course or golf event management company with final numbers.

One Week Out * Make sure gifts and prizes have been received at course.

* Reconfirm all outside suppliers.

Within One Week of the Event * Go over pairings with golf course or golf event management company.

* Go over correct spelling of all names.

* Alert course or golf event management company to last-minute changes.

* Review final numbers with golf course.

Tournament Day * Confirm your start time with the pro.

* Arrive two hours before your golfers.

* Set up your registration table first. Place this table near the carts or a walkway through which all golfers must pass.

* Give the host professional any updates in pairings (and alphabetized lists).

* Confirm that no repairs are being made to the course that day.

* Give host professional the amenities to be placed on carts (rules sheets, golf balls, towels, or other items).

* Confirm special-event holes (closest to the pin, longest drive). Confirm that proximity markers are at those holes.

* Have two people put up tee signs and banners. (Note: This task often takes more than an hour.)

* Confirm beverage cart(s).

* Confirm timing/placement of meals.

* Confirm billing procedure for meals and food and beverage outlets.

* Confirm driving range location and access for your players.

* Know where the locker rooms are.

* Take 10 minutes with all of your staff and course staff to give them information that all golfers will need to know.