If you're looking for a way to make travel the kind of reward it used to be, consider luxury trains that evoke the golden age of the railroads.

Rail Ventures Inc., a private rail-car operator based in Sandpoint, Utah, leases out lushly appointed meeting, sleeping, and dining cars under its Meetings in Motion program. The restored rail cars are added to scheduled Amtrak or VIA Rail passenger itineraries in the United States and Canada.

In January, a group of 20 top performers traveled on a Rail Venture Train from Chicago to New Orleans, where they disembarked to attend the Super Bowl.

The first three cars on the train had sleeping, dining, and meeting space. The last car featured a Presidential Platform, where participants could take in the view as the train went along. That car also had a second level, with an observation dome and comfy lounge.

The 926-mile journey took a day down and a day back, with two days in between for the Super Bowl and other activities.

For more information, visit www.railventures.com.