If you're a golf diehard for whom the fairway is hallowed ground, don't read any further (it might be upsetting). But if you need a teambuilding event that blends a golf-crazy CEO with people who can't find the right end of a putter, read on.

That was the challenge for Susanne Marx, owner of Las Vegas-based The Golf Event Co. Her corporate client wanted a teambuilding event for 70 sales managers. The budget was modest, and the goal was to have fun and mingle with the CEO. Her solution was a goofy nine holes at Seven Bridges, a public course in Woodridge, Ill.

While players got a taste of real golf, many holes combined golf with other sports, guaranteeing that everyone would feel comfortable. At two “Frisbee golf” holes, the object was to hit the pin with the disc in the fewest number of tosses. On other holes, participants could use a tennis ball and racquet or a football rather than golf equipment. On one green, croquet mallets replaced putters.

But the day's highlight was the lighthearted “Beat the CEO” putting contest at the first hole, which gave each foursome 15 minutes of memorable face time with the CEO. “He loved it,” said Marx. “It was all about having fun. It was casual and silly, and everyone had a great time.”