Few execs need a second putter or another golf cap, so every year, it gets a little bit tougher to find fresh ideas for golf tournament gifts. But they're out there. In a sea of same-old, same-old, here's a handful of head-turning prizes and mementos for your golfers.

Fashion Grows on Gloves.

For the women in your tournament, Fairway Skins Co. has a new line of leather golf gloves adorned with antique botanical designs. Winner of a Best New Product award at the 2007 PGA Fall Expo, the eight elegant designs include morning glory (left) as well as iris, cereus, strawberry, lily, poppy, magnolia, and passion flower. The company also offers a line of matching pouches and expects to launch a series of butterfly designs in the near future. Gloves are $36, pouches $32, with discounts available for volume purchases. For more information, visit www.fairwayskins.com

To the Fairway in a Bucket

Bucket hats are back in fashion, and now you can order them for your players' golf club heads. The cute design is perfect for customizing, with room on the top for your company logo and space on the sides for sponsor logos or the name of the event. The suede hat is mounted on a cotton sock with a foam lining. The club-head covers come in six colors and cost $30.36 each for orders of 25 or more. Customization options are almost limitless, including the possibility of creating club covers that look like your company's product or logo. Find more details at www.tournamentshowroom.com

How's My Swing?

It looks like a wristwatch, but ShotWatch is, in fact, a training tool. Worn while practicing at a driving range, ShotWatch helps players to develop swing consistency by providing data on swing speed, tempo, and grip pressure. When a golfer makes a great swing, he presses the “Save” button to store the data. After that, ShotWatch sounds an alert when he deviates from that personal best swing. The instant feedback is said to help muscle memory control, so players can maintain consistency. A women's model is due out soon. Shot Watch costs $149. Get all the details at www.shotwatch.com.

Wearable Brand

Everyone likes a useful gift. Create a hat clip with a magnetic ball marker in the shape of your product or logo. Prices for the full-color designs range from $4.87 to $8.61 per marker for orders of 100 or more. Go to www.tournamentshowroom.com.

Designer Bags

Here's a great gift item for attendees who golf — and those who don't. Luggage maker Club Glove sets up at your event with sample bags, and attendees do the designing. They select the style, color or colors (swatches are available), monogram, or other embellishments. Everything from laptop cases to roll-aboard suitcases to a travel bag for golf clubs (the preferred bag of the PGA Tour, the company says) is available, all made in the USA. Attendees receive their custom-made bag three weeks after your event — a nice reminder of their conference or tournament experience. Call Lisa DaSilva at (248) 245-7400 or go to www.clubglove.com.

Reading The Course

Need an inspired room gift or tournament prize? Try a book. These will intrigue duffers and pros alike:

Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die: Golf Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
By Chris Santella

This full-color book shows photographs of the world's greatest golf courses, chosen by 50 golf experts. A brief history of each course is included, as well as tips for planning a trip.

The New Yorker Book of Golf Cartoons
By Robert Mankoff

If you can't laugh, you shouldn't play golf. This book brings together the best golf cartoons published in The New Yorker, showcasing the humor and torment of the game.

eXtreme Golf: The World's Most Unusual, Fantastic and Bizarre Courses
By Duncan Lennard

Take a journey to the world's most geographically extreme, climatically challenging, dangerous, and uniquely designed courses. The book features more than 200 photographs capturing the spirit of “extreme golf.”

The Wicked Game: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and the Business of Modern Golf
By Howard Sounes

Delve into the history of men's pro golf since the 1950s by following the careers of three of the most recognizable names in the game.

Zagat — America's Top Golf Courses 2007/2008
By Zagat Survey LLC

The publisher of the popular restaurant guides has a golf course edition, with its signature rating format. The 2007/2008 guide reports on 1,075 courses in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, summarizing the comments of 6,250 golfers. The company will also customize the cover for your company outing.