Three weeks after Katrina, we asked John Foster Esq., CHME, Foster, Jensen & Gulley, LLC, Atlanta, Ga for advice to those with meetings in New Orleans, or anywhere else on the Gulf Coast, in 2006 or 2007. Here's what he told us:

“There is a principle in contract law that states that both parties to a contract are entitled to ‘adequate assurances of performance’ if circumstances give either party reasonable insecurity about the other party's ability to perform the terms of the agreement. Meeting sponsors should contact each of their meeting facilities immediately for information, but should wait as long as possible before making a decision to terminate their contract(s) and move the meeting elsewhere. The timing of the decision will depend on the date of the meeting and the time needed to find alternate space and to promote the new venue. The time to react could be anywhere from 24 months to 90 days before the event, based on various criteria.”