When Transamerica’s survey of agents revealed that many were unaware of certain programs, or unclear on how to participate in them, Davis decided to focus on communication as another critical piece of the reward strategy. Previously, programs had been communicated through simple flyers, posters, and in-person meetings. Now, potential participants have multiple opportunities to learn about programs through a slew of communications vehicles, including:

  • A new agent intranet site that includes updated videos of the annual trip and qualifications
  • Life Investors Financial Group Facebook page, with constant reminders to the agents and their families of what they can earn
  • Articles in weekly and monthly e-newsletters, which were redesigned to include local information about all the activities and fun they can expect on the annual trip
  • A quarterly magazine, which now includes a full spread of photos to remind participants of all the great things they experienced on the trip
  • A consistent webinar schedule with “billboard” promos displayed during the few minutes before a webinar begins
  • Materials for sales leaders to take with them to local office presentations