“There's almost no aspect of life that doesn't intersect with green issues and working more sustainably,” says Dennis Church, founder of www.ecospeakers.com, which markets more than 200 environmentally focused speakers of widely varying stripes to businesses, associations, and universities.

Ecospeakers.com, a division of Church's Cupertino, Calif.-based EcoIQ, has been around for more than a decade, but has only taken off with the “sea change in the last few years, as [big organizations] have decided that going green is a serious and long-tem effort,” he says. Companies have shifted from viewing environmental efforts as tactical and defensive moves, Church says, to something more strategic, examining questions such as how to secure their supply chain and position themselves in the marketplace relative to environmental issues.

Church says that clients come to him looking for a speaker who is knowledgeable and credible on green issues in their niche, which can be as varied as green buildings, air quality, ecotourism, recycling, environmental change in large organizations, smart growth of communities, whole systems thinking, eco-fashion, even green comedy.