Legend Numismatics, a rare coin dealer in Lincroft, N.J., wanted to do something different to recognize its top suppliers, distributors, and employees. Something fun. Something memorable. Something … with a fast beat?

Laura Sperber, co-president at Legend, decided to work with the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, an organization that brings together amateur musicians of all levels who want to live out their dreams of playing in a band with professional rockers. Sperber signed on for an abbreviated corporate version of the camp, geared to teambuilding and motivating. The customized experience for her 100 guests allowed them to bond with, and in some cases play with, musicians such as Clem Burke of Blondie, Spencer Davis of The Spencer Davis Group, and Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's.

At SIR Studios in Los Angeles, the day before a trade show, the group met the rockers over cocktails and dinner, and some got up on stage to perform with the stars.

“The buzz and exhilaration the event created was phenomenal,” says Sperber. “The next day at the trade show, I had people lined up at our booth looking to do business with us.” She says the real value was not only the “wow factor,” but also the bond that participants established with the rock stars and with each other. “It just takes the group out of their environment and puts them in a completely different element. It's the realization of a fantasy for many people, and that experience brings them closer together.”

“When you're in a band, it's not just about you anymore,” agrees Ally Krichman, vice president of sales for the camp. “Everybody works together as a team. It doesn't matter if you're the head of the company, you still have to back up your bandmates.”

The camp hosts corporate groups of up to 250 people. www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com.