1. Call your mobile service provider.
First and foremost, ask if your phone will work in your meeting destination. Then ask if there is an international calling plan you might switch to in order to save on high roaming charges. International data charges can be astronomical, so disable your phone’s automatic Web connections, if any. Your best bet for checking e-mail or updating Facebook from your smartphone while traveling is to find a Wi-Fi hotspot.

2. Register with the State Department.
Go to travelregistration.state.gov to register your travel and your meeting. You also can find travel alerts, warnings, and consular information at the U.S. Department of State Web site. Note that there is now a mobile version of the site: m.state.gov, optimized for viewing on your smartphone.

3. Make two copies of your passport and itinerary.
Leave one set at home with family or friends. Carry the other set with you, separate from the originals.