Here’s how you can create your own ethics micro-scenario:

Ask for a volunteer from the audience to be the Doctor of the Day. In your request, mention that all they have to do is answer a “yes or no” question.

Recruit a staff member to play the role of the Grateful Patient.
Have the Grateful Patient go on and on about the excellent care he/she received from the doctor, detailing the many ways the physician went above and beyond the call of duty. Then have the grateful patient offer the physician two tickets to the Super Bowl. (Create oversized characterizations of the tickets.)

Ask the learners to vote on their audience-response system keypads whether the physician should accept the tickets.

Ask the volunteer Doctor of the Day whether he/she can accept the tickets.

Additional scenarios continue in the same fashion, addressing topics that include work and duty-hour issues, Facebook accounts, socializing with patients, and reporting unethical behavior. After the last scenario, an expert from the risk management, legal and/or human resources departments can lead a discussion about each of the scenarios. Learners have described this method of learning to be the highlight of their day because it is fun and the participation with colleagues makes dry topics much more interesting.