Tip Sheet
Here are tips for making the most of your next meeting’s corporate social responsibility event gleaned from panelists at the 2012 Pharma Forum.

✽ Align the organization’s mission with the charity event as much as
✽ Be respectful of what the nonprofit really needs, not just what you want to be able to do for it.
✽ Call on your meeting destination’s convention and visitors bureau to help guide you in your search for an activity.
✽ Talk to two or three charity organizations before making a
✽ Be the cheerleader and the task leader.
✽ Extend the event by taking pictures during the event and at significant moments after the activity is over; share with the volunteers and on the organization’s Facebook page.
✽ Use metrics if the activity calls for it (like measuring the amount of soap recycled during your meeting program or during your CSR activity) and share with the volunteers. Or, for example, as Give Kids the World did in celebrating a milestone in April: more than two million volunteer hours served in one location for a single organization—the equivalent to 228 years, the terms of 57 US presidents or 16,000 four-year college degrees!
✽ Don’t leave a mess behind.
✽ Find ways to ensure the activity will have meaning to your volunteers all year round.

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