Our interview with cancer patient Joseph F. Durocher, PhD, in the March/April 2002 issue, page 22, elicited the following responses.

Dear Dr. Joe, Thanks for making such an excellent Web site (orbit.unh.edu/cancer) on cancer treatment. I work with the American Academy of Pediatrics and saw your site listed in my Medical Meetings magazine. I wish we had something similar for children to use because I think many of them suffer greatly from not knowing what is going to happen to them during their examinations and treatment. Your Web site was great (a few typos, but that just makes you more human!). If you know of any sites like yours for kids, I'd really be glad to learn of them.

What you did took a lot of courage and creativity. I think you will be helping so many people to better understand what the process is. While it is still frightening, it's so much better to face such exams and treatments head on rather than creating an even more frightening scenario that may be way off base. Also, your good advice about what is painful or difficult will make it easier for folks to prepare themselves for the tougher aspects of treatment.

I am recommending that we put a link to your site [on our Web site] for parents and older children and their doctors. Thank you for sharing this most personal and courageous part of your life. You are still a wonderful teacher!
Beverly Busher
Executive Director
California Chapter 1
American Academy Of Pediatrics
San Rafael, Calif.

Dear Dr. Durocher, What a wonderful Web site. With your permission, we would like to add a link to it from our Web site. What a really excellent introduction to dealing with cancer.
Priscilla Savary
Executive Director
Colorectal Cancer Network
Kensington, Md.