Whether your group is 25 attendees or 2,500, it will get the personalized attention you demand. And whether attendees stay at one of the many newly opened luxury resort/casinos or one of the city's classics, they'll have an experience unlike any other.

That's what makes it Las Vegas! Like Clockwork The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority recently hosted its Corporate Golf Invitational, played on two of the area's many new courses. (In just the past five years, more than 20 new championship caliber courses have opened, and there are close to 100 courses in all.)

You think you have challenges coordinating your meetings? The attendees, representing large and small corporations, came to Las Vegas from all over the country. They stayed at 17 different hotels, traveled on three different airlines, and arrived over a 36-hour time-frame. All eventually met at the Las Vegas Convention Center for a welcome reception. No one got lost, everyone got to the correct hotel, and everyone had their room ready when they arrived. Just like clockwork.

Then, They Golfed The next day, the group played at Badlands Golf Club (American Golf) and Royal Links Golf Club (Walters Golf). Nineteen different golf courses have committed to this event in future years. These days, Las Vegas' resort/casinos have arrangements with numerous courses, so you can arrange your group tee times directly through your meeting property. Some golf clubs even have meeting space. Resort/casino teams played along with reps from airlines and DMCs. The team with the best first-day score flew with Sundance Helicopters to play the final round!

The New Las Vegas The 64 attendees got a taste of the "New Las Vegas" and its fabulous resort/casino properties, with Las Vegas-style entertainment--like no other in the world--and the famous Lawry's providing a fabulous prime rib/seafood banquet for the awards dinner.

Rossi Ralenkotter, Vice President, Marketing, of the Las Vegas CVA, is the driving force behind this annual event. In closing remarks, he asked: "Has this event enhanced or changed your perception of Las Vegas as a site for your meetings?" The response was a unanimous YES. Attendees pledged more than 5,000 room nights, and follow-up indicates that Las Vegas has moved to the top of their lists of potential meeting sites.

Play the next Corporate Golf Invitational in April 2001. Meet at some of the world's most amazing hotels/casinos, dine at world-famous resturants, shop at the finest shops, and golf some of the best courses anywhere. Fax Peter Huestis, Executive Vice President, Adams Business Media at (480) 661-4065 or call Connie Jalet, Las Vegas CVA, (702) 892-2852.