1. Walk, Don't Ride
If your meeting destination is within walking distance, skip the shuttle or the taxi. If you can arrive at your destination in less than half an hour, and the concierge has told you the neighborhood is safe, walk. Plan on the extra time. Of course, for most women that means a change of shoes. Invest in lightweight sneakers or walking shoes and throw them in your sack once you've reached the meeting room. Think what you'll be doing for the environment!

2. Skip the Elevator
Okay, maybe you don't want to walk up ten sets of stairs to get to your room at the end of a long day of meetings. But how about walking down the steps first thing in the morning? Walking, up or down, burns calories and it's a lot more fun to go down than up. You could also get off the elevator one or two floors below your destination and take the stairs the rest of the way. Of course, use your judgment. If that hotel stairwell seems a bit too creepy, stick with the elevator.

3. You Have to Take it With You
You pros know that starvation is now common among frequent flyers; even the pilots have to run to McDonalds to get their meals. No food on airplanes, or calorie-laden snacks such as crackers and cookies can wreak havoc with weight—and energy— maintenance. So either plan ahead and leave enough time to buy a salad to-go (dressing on the side), a healthy sandwich (get the whole-grain bread), or yogurt or fruit at the airport and take it onboard. Or pack smart and bring your own baggies full of almonds, high-energy bars, or cut-up veggies.

4. A Girl's Best Friend
To us there is nothing more tempting that a donut or croissant when traveling (whole-wheat bagels are okay). Go for eggs in a whole-wheat wrap if you can. Skip the potatoes. And skip the fruit juice. Choose fresh fruit instead. Water is a girl's best friend.

5. TV Time/”I Am Not a Couch Potato”
If you don't have to be at the conference at the crack of dawn, head to the hotel gym in the morning. Even uncoordinated blobs can figure out how to walk on a treadmill. Just start low, setting your pace at 3 to 3.5. miles per hour if you're a beginner. If you've got the energy after a long day, exercising lightly after you eat dinner is a really good idea. Just don't exercise too close to bedtime. There are several good online sources for hotels with gyms or fitness centers: Fit For Business developed by road warriors ; best hotel gyms around the world, from our friends at Travel and Leisure; and another list, from Athletic Minded Traveler, The Best Hotel Gyms in the U.S.

6. You Can Take It with You
If you prefer not to run into the other attendees at the hotel gym, how about taking along some super portable athletic equipment? For a quick cardio workout, jumping rope for 15 minutes burns 159 calories on a 140 lb. frame. Also, consider an exercise band—talk about portable. A quick circuit with an exercise-band can help you tone your arms, hips, back, and legs.

7. The Abs Have It!
Put that smart phone to work. The iPhone's Diet and Food Tracker has nutritional information on 93,000 food items (including items at 350 restaurants), helping you make smart choices while you're on the road. Another great on-the-go app, which may offer some needed motivation, is Go Pedometer. It tracks the distance you walk (that trade show floor must be a mile long) and calculates calories burned from the effort.

8. Beware the Buffet
If there's a choice of plate sizes, pick the small one. Remember that just because there are 25 choices doesn't mean you need to try them all! Fill your plate with veggies and salad first, then go for the main course. Aim for a plate with one-third proteins and two-thirds veggies. Beware of sauces, too. The meat carving station is often a healthier and lower-calorie option than the cheese tortellini or chicken enchiladas.