The National Business Travel Association ( recently conducted a focus group survey of corporate travel managers to discover their companies’ policies in light of the September 11 tragedy. It found that 77 percent have not suspended domestic travel, and 66 percent are continuing to allow travel internationally.

The survey, which was conducted September 18, also found that that 58% of corporate travel managers say their companies will reduce travel, while 23% were unsure and 19% did not anticipate that their firms would reduce travel. Of those reducing travel, 65% are doing so immediately. However, comments received by NBTA indicated that some travel reduction initiatives are the result not of the terrorist attacks, but of previous cost-cutting measures.

Other survey results:

88 percent plan to increase their use of videoconferencing

65 percent plan to use more car rentals for short-haul trips

"Corporations are being realistic about their need to travel," concludes Marianne McInerney, NBTA’s executive director. "There is definitely more caution out there, but travel remains an essential part of doing business in the United States."