The Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) has announced the winners of its Spring 2001 World Wide Web Health Awards Program. The goal of the program is to recognize the world's best health information being published on the Internet. The only site for medical professionals to win an award in the Spring 2001 competition is a special site operated by CMRI (California Medical Review, Inc.), a nonprofit health information organization that works with hospitals and various federal health programs to improve quality of care. The winning site offers personal digital assistant (PDA) downloads for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Called “Quality Care Click Notes,” the PDA files contain information on diagnosis and treatment of such conditions as acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, stroke, and pneumonia.

To see the winning site, click here.

The World Wide Web Health Awards is a companion to the HIRC's annual National Health Information Awards, but the Web-based awards competition is held twice a year — each spring and fall — to recognize the fast-changing nature of health information on the Web.

The Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), organizer of the awards program, is a national clearinghouse for consumer health information programs and materials. Founded in 1993, the HIRC provides information and referral services for health care professionals, and it also publishes several professional reference books.