The Convention Industry Council announced that is has unanimously approved accepted practices for the first two of the Accepted Practices Exchange initiatives: Terminology and History/Post Event Reports.

CIC approved the terminology section’s APEX Industry Glossary, which includes 3,780 entries covering everything from food and beverage to speakers and exhibits. The glossary is available online at

The CIC also approved the History/Post Event Reports’ accepted practices on the how’s and what’s of post-event reporting. The information-related accepted practices are clearly outlined in the APEX Post-Event Report Template. For more, go to APEX Commission Chair Mickey Schaefer, CAE, vice president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said in a press release, "The shared vision is becoming a reality. Accepted practices will assist the industry by improving communications, creating cost efficiencies, and streamlining systems." In addition to these two areas, APEX is addressing resumes and work orders; requests for proposal; housing and registration; meeting and site profiles; and contracts.