Global 2000 corporations can find—and save—$260 billion in cash from unexpected places, mainly the departments managed by their CFOs, according to a new white paper. The paper, titled "The Impact of 9/11 on the Financial Supply Chains of the Global 2000," is published by Killen & Associates, a Palo Alto, Calif., research firm. The paper is available at

The paper finds that CFOs have played the role of "corporate cop," asking other department managers to generate savings by improving operations. But CFOs can save money by improving operations in their own domain, the financial supply chain

"September 11 accelerated the slowdown in the economy," says Michael Killen, CEO of Killen & Associates, in a recent press release. "It placed new pressures on CFOs and treasurers of every business, not just to review disaster recovery and security plans, but to more effectively manage their cash. And, it motivated us to determine how much cash Global 2000 companies can save if they improve how they manage their bank accounts."

The study could help Global 2000 finance executives improve their financial supply chains.