Medscape, a provider of digital health records (DHR) and online health information, has announced that healthcare technology veteran David Kirshenbaum has been named Senior Vice President, Data Management. Kirshenbaum comes to Medscape from Aetna US Healthcare, where he was president of the company's US Quality Algorithms (USQA) subsidiary, which collects health data from Aetna's network, and applies health informatics analysis to improve healthcare delivery. Under Kirshenbaum's leadership, Medscape plans to enhance its system of aggregating and analyzing the large volume of data collected through Medscape's digital health products and the company's consumer and professional Web sites, and , while maintaining patient privacy.

Kirshenbaum brings extensive experience with the sensitive privacy issues that health information involves. He participated in Aetna's work with Health Internet Ethics Inc. (Hi-Ethics), a self-regulatory effort dedicated to maintaining confidentiality of personal information and improving consumer trust, to which Medscape also belongs. He was also responsible for driving a major initiative at USQA around the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the medical privacy regulations proposed by the federal government.

``Aggregate data drawn from the interaction between physicians and patients at the point of care, as well as from the Web sites physicians and patients use to seek information, illuminate patterns that can be used to improve patient care,'' said David C. Moffenbeier, Chief Executive Officer of Medscape. ``David Kirshenbaum will be able to help Medscape integrate the data from our clinical applications and portals into a resource that can be used by insurers, employers and pharmaceutical companies to significantly enhance medical care. We believe that this new resource will have positive revenue implications for the company.''

At Medscape, Kirshenbaum will be responsible for developing, implementing and managing operations for the company's data strategy, including building strategic alliances and data partnerships. He will also help develop and deploy new data applications for all of Medscape's products, including Logician®, the company's flagship electronic medical record solution, and Medscape Encounter, an Internet-based documentation tool for clinicians.

``David Kirshenbaum is a seasoned healthcare technology specialist,'' said Abbie Leibowitz, Executive Vice President, Digital Healthcare Strategy. ``The companies David has worked for have become recognized leaders in their use and analysis of health data collected from internal or affiliated sources, and we believe he will help Medscape become a trusted source of healthcare data.''

``I am thrilled to be joining Medscape as it continues to build its digital healthcare strategy,'' said Kirshenbaum. ``I'm looking forward to helping Medscape more effectively harness and use the data it collects to allow physicians to improve care to patients and patients to enhance their own personal care. This is a unique opportunity to find ways to effectively use data from new sources to extend our understanding of how healthcare is delivered.''

In addition to his work at USQA, Kirshenbaum is a former president of InteliHealth, a consumer health information Web site and subsidiary of Aetna US Healthcare. Serving in the managed care industry for more than 25 years, Kirshenbaum has also worked at Cigna and Equicor, holding the role of senior vice president with both companies. In addition, Kirshenbaum has been involved in the development of many technologies widely used today, such as virtual response unit (VRU), optical character recognition (OCR), imaging, electronic data interchange (EDI), as well as Internet and Intranet technologies.

Through collaborations with technology service companies, Medscape plans to expand its data and content offering for consumers and physicians. Kirshenbaum already has developed a close working relationship with one such company called MedUnite Inc. David Cox, chief executive officer of MedUnite, said, ``My work with David over the years has shown me that he is not only an innovator in the field of healthcare data management, he also believes passionately in the promise it holds for the improvement of healthcare. I have no doubt he'll reach his goals at Medscape."