The National Association of Inpatient Physicians (NAIP) has launched a newly upgraded, state-of-the-art Web site to enhance services and online interaction with its members, non-member medical providers, hospital executives seeking information on hospitalist programs, consumers, the media and other visitors. The new Web site, found at, is the nation's most comprehensive Web site for and about hospitalists and their activities. NAIP members are physicians whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients

"This more comprehensive and more functional Web site represents another opportunity for NAIP to support member hospitalists who are striving to achieve excellence in the practice of hospital medicine and deliver on our promise to provide the highest quality care for all hospitalized patients," said Laurence Wellikson, M.D., F.A.C.P., executive director of NAIP.

According to Wellikson, the new Web site provides NAIP's 3,200 members, who include hospitalists, hospital executives, leaders in academic medicine and others, with better access to hospital research and data, improved search capabilities, an enhanced organizational structure and expanded registration capabilities.

"For the first time, members are able to drill down to find out what is happening at various chapters across the country, and they have broader List Serve `chat room' capabilities so that they can communicate almost instantly with other hospitalists about issues impacting their practices," said Wellikson.

Wellikson said that the site provides members with access to important hospitalist surveys and studies conducted by NAIP. For example, the Web site currently provides members access to results from the organization's first comprehensive survey of hospitalist productivity and compensation. Through its resource center, the site also offers practical advice for building and managing hospitalist programs.

"In the near future," Wellikson added, "members will have instant registration capabilities, and e-commerce functionality should they wish to purchase items through the NAIP online store."

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