Despite a flurry of activity at the bargaining table, the hotel labor standoff continues in San Francisco.

In the latest development in the yearlong stalemate, the San Francisco Multi-Employer Group (SFMEG), which represents 14 Bay area hotels, rejected a counteroffer from the hotel workers union, Unite Here Local 2. Meanwhile, Unite Here Local 2’s boycott of the 14 San Francisco hotels continues--and so does the disruption of convention business.

There are no further negotiations scheduled at this time, says Valerie Lapin, Unite Local 2 spokeswoman.

In July, the SFMEG proposed a three-year contract, retroactive to last August when the last contract expired, that would run through March 31, 2007. The offer also included annual wage increases for workers and healthcare benefits with no monthly premiums.

The union, which is seeking a two-year contract that expires in 2006, rejected the July offer. The union then made a counterproposal that including stipulations about pensions, subcontracting, and hiring practices that the SFMEG swiftly rebuffed on August 22. "Union leaders countered our last proposal with technical language changes and a pension proposal that had been proposed and rejected before," said Steve Trent, SFMEG spokesman in a statement.

As the stalemate continues, so does the uncertainty for groups. The American Political Science Association, Washington, D.C., is the latest group to move its meeting out of San Francisco as a result of the dispute. "Due to the lack of progress in the protracted labor-management dispute in San Francisco, the APSA Council decided it was inadvisable to hold the 2006 meeting in San Francisco as originally planned," read a statement on the APSA Web site in August. Association officials decided to move the meeting to Philadelphia, where it will be held over the same dates, August 31 to September 4. The convention, with more than 6,000 attendees expected, will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The American Educational Research Association also relocated its meeting, but not out of San Francisco. The Washington, D.C.-based association moved its meeting, originally scheduled for April 8 to12 at one of the boycotted hotels, to the Moscone Center April 7 to11, 2006, according to a statement on the association’s Web site. The association will use San Francisco hotels that aren’t part of the labor dispute.