Risk Management and Contingency Planning For Your Meetings

Here are articles on risk management, safety at meetings, and contingency planning to help you with your next meeting or event.

Security Checklist
Richard P. Werth
Medical Meetings, Dec. 2001
Security consultant Richard P. Werth, who specializes in security of events and meetings, compiled the following tips for planners.

Security at Special Events
Lisa Hurley
From Special Events Magazine, Sep 12 2001
No one can plan for every contingency, but a careful analysis of your event will help you determine how much security you need and where.

First Aid for Meetings
Anna Chinappi
Religious Conference Manager, Feb 1, 2001
A medical emergency might be the last thing on anyone's mind when they're enjoying the fun and fellowship of a meeting or convention - until there's a crisis. But if you're prepared in advance, a crisis can be handled quickly and with the greatest chance of a happy outcome for everyone.

Security Tips
By Andrea Graham
Corporate Meetings & Incentives, Jun 1, 2001
Risks cannot be entirely eliminated. But by making safety and security an integral part of the planning process, organizations can dramatically lower the probability. One way to help protect your attendees when traveling to areas where tourists are targets is to provide them with a list of simple precautions.

Thrills, Spills, and Liability Ills By Jed Mandel
Corporate Meetings & Incentives, Nov 1, 1999
Our legal expert Jed Mandel writes about manage your risk for your out of the ordinary events and programs, particularly adventure travel programs.

Safety First
Jerry Patterson
Corporate Meetings & Incentives, Feb 1, 1999
This article about event safety at an overseas venue was written in February 1999, but could have been written about the events of today. Richard Marcus, President of American Woolen Co. in Miami, scrapped plans to hold a pair of incentive meetings for about 200 distributors and their spouses in Indonesia for the spring of 2000. "...our company could be held responsible if something happened to people we sent into an unsafe area."

Medical Emergency Preparedness Check List for Professional Meeting Planners
By Richard M. Obertots
Medical Meetings, Jul 1, 2000
Medical emergencies will happen at meetings. Often the difference between life and death may be seconds or minutes. Relying on your meeting staff or calling "911" is not the only answer since few meeting venues are adequately trained or prepared and emergency medical support (EMS) response times and capabilities vary greatly venue to venue and destination to destination.

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst
By Beth Negus Viveiros
Association Meetings, Aug 1, 2001
This article, written in August 2001, details how and when you should buy event cancellation insurance.