Press registration Make it easy and free. You want to encourage journalists to come to your meeting. How else can they report on it?

Media alert This should go out to your press list (You did create a press list, didn’t you?) a month before the event to remind them of the date, the time, the venue, and the exciting topics to come

Press liaison Pick one person to be a resource for journalists. This person should be well versed in all of your key messages, have the authority to speak on behalf of the organization, and be willing to spend time and energy to support journalists as they develop their stories.

Press room A quiet place for reporters to work creates enormous goodwill. Provide a room with computers, Internet connections, phones, faxes, and a quiet space for interviews.

Press kit This core communication should have a lead press release with all of your key messages, background information about your organization, a list of good quotes from top organizers, brief bios of your best speakers, and a copy of the program.

Press conferences This daily "check in" with the press is an opportunity to highlight the key accomplishments of the previous day before and the top highlights for the coming day. By the way, this is also a fantastic opportunity to offer your commercial supporters a few minutes of time to communicate their messages. They will appreciate the opportunity!

Educate journalists Remember, many journalists from consumer newspapers cover a wide variety of topics. They may not be experts in the medical specialty discussed at your meeting. Taking the time to educate creates good will and results in more interesting stories.

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