RxSchool, a unit of Denver-based Pharmacy Choice, Inc., hosts a large on-line continuing education (CE) library of ACPE accredited courses for the pharmacy industry. This library contains a variety of courses from ELF Publications, an ACPE accredited provider, and includes popular specialty courses like Pharmacy Spanish and other CE courses written specifically for pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians.

RxSchool has recently signed an agreement to host an additional 100 hours of CE courses provided by the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy. CU currently offers an online Non-Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program and is expanding its on-line educational offerings through RxSchool.

"We are delighted to partner with Pharmacy Choice to provide a broad range of clinically oriented CE topics. I know that these programs will support the expanding role of pharmacists in a wide variety of practice settings," says Carol Balmer, Director of Postgraduate Professional Education at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy.

RxSchool offers automated on-line assessments, instant printing of certificates, and tracking tools for the management of continuing education courses and credits. In addition, RxSchool's secure web-based software and virtually fraud-proof certificates offer users and employers added value and security not typically available with other providers.

Pharmacy retailers are beginning to recognize the value in providing their employees with quality education and time-saving tools like those provided at RxSchool. In addition to providing CE and other services to over 22,000 independent users, Pharmacy Choice also hosts customizable CE libraries for large employers of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

"We are currently in discussions with other Universities to host their CE courses and will continue to build the largest and most diverse CE library on the Internet," says Steve Croke, President of Pharmacy Choice. "There are thousands of hours of CE credit currently available on-line, but most CE web sites are not easily found, are difficult to use and do not offer secure, web-based management features like ours." Croke added, "Our content focus in the near future will include providing CE necessary for Disease State Management; courses that keep pharmacists current on diseases such as Diabetes and Asthma."

Pharmacy Choice, Inc. is an application service provider and professional services company for the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to the RxSchool library of pharmacy continuing education, Pharmacy Choice offers applications and industry resources related to careers and education for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and their employers. For more information, please call 720-941-7002, or click here to visit the company online.