After a 35-year run, the Society of Corporate Meeting Professionals has closed up shop.

“There are a lot of wonderful organizations out there, and people used to have the luxury of belonging to two or three or four of them. In the past five years that's changed — people have had to cut back,” says Kevin McNally, former president of SCMP and director of convention services at the Westin Chicago River North.

Volunteers had run the organization since 2002, when its management company went out of business. Since then, membership had declined to fewer than 30. Last year, SCMP leaders considered hiring a new management company, but found it cost-prohibitive, says McNally.

After conferring with the board of directors and several longtime members, McNally decided to shut down the organization. He plans to keep the Web site ( going as a resource, updating it periodically and answering e-mails that come in.

While SCMP has officially ceased operations, it's not “dead and buried,” says McNally. He is hopeful that someday, if circumstances are right and interest is there, SCMP could be revived.

“We're proud to have made a difference,” he says.