The International Association for Exhibition Management has decided to include a 10-session conference on security and risk, which will be held over three days during its Annual Meeting in Chicago, December 4 to 6.

There is no additional cost to attend the Security and Risk Conference people registered for IAEM's Annual Meeting and Expo! Expo!

The conference's programming will include speakers on risk management, personal security, psychological counseling, building and transportation security, law enforcement, communications, and insurance.

"It is our intention to very systematically address every key security issue that may touch exhibitions in any way using this 'conference-within-a-conference' structure," says Robert Dallmeyer, chairman of the IAEM Board of Directors. "The tragic events of 11 September reveal that the exhibition industry must take immediate steps to enhance the security of the important events that we produce."

Information about the IAEM Annual Meeting and Expo! Expo! is now available at Additional information about the Security and Risk Conference will be posted to the IAEM web site,, on a daily basis during the next ten days.