Medical professionals aren’t the only ones interested in the latest research data presented at medical conferences. While physicians need to know what’s happening in their field so they can provide the most up-to-date patient care, there also might be others in attendance with a completely different goal in mind: Getting an edge over the competition in the stock market by learning about pharma and biomedical research in real time.

According to an article that ran on on September 23, equity analysts, hedge fund managers, and other financial professionals are flocking to medical meetings to get the jump on the latest in the pharmaceutical and biotech market for their clients. Some even go so far as to disguise themselves as caterers or create other alternate identities to get into meetings that bar financial analysts from attending.

"I did it, I admit it, and I’d do it again," says David Stone, a biomedical capital fund manager who now works as a venture capitalist with Flagship Ventures in Cambridge, Mass., of his creation of an alternate identity as a physician to gain access to a meeting that disallows financial analysts from attending.

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