This sampling of key performance indicators is adapted from the Advito white paper “From Numbers to Action: Improving Travel Program Management through Strategic KPIs.”

1. Meeting Management Services Coverage

How much of total meeting spend is managed or influenced by the meetings department?

Measurement Challenge: to find the unmanaged spend for purposes of comparison

2. Virtual Meetings coverage

What is the share of meetings using virtual-meetings technology compared to all internal meetings?

Measurement Challenge: to track the change in the total number of internal face-to-face meetings along with the growth of virtual meetings in order to determine and evaluate the ever-changing balance between the two

3. Value of Managed Meetings

How much have we saved by effective sourcing?

Measurement Challenge: to put the savings in context

4. Meeting Expense Productivity

How does a change in meeting spending compare to the change in business revenue and client retention over time?

Measurement Challenge: to account for other factors that affect sales and revenue

5. Change in Total Meeting Costs

How much impact does the meeting management department have on operating expenses?

Measurement Challenge: to put the savings in context, accounting for other factors that influence total cost

6. Meeting Department Performance Index

How well does the meeting management department perform in terms of cost, service, and strategic support?

Measurement Challenge: to relate departmental performance to the overall goals of the company

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