Spa marketing and media company Spa Finder has released its forecast of what to expect in spa trends in 2007. Here are some of its top predictions:

  • Spas get the sleep-eze. Destination spas will offer sleep specialists who can help harried travelers get a good night’s snooze. Other spa-related sleep aids you can expect to see: sleep yoga programs, life coaches to target why a traveler has trouble sleeping, and later starts for morning exercise programs.
  • Toxin removal. Look for relaxation, all-organic diets, steams/saunas, and therapy to be offered as ways to detox spa-goers from all the stress, bad diets, and environmental (and mental) pollution. The company also predicts that spas will begin to pare back on some of the alcohol, caffeinated beverages, and lavish desserts that can add to the need for detoxification.
  • More spa retreats. Expect to see more wellness workshops, spiritual retreats, boot camps, and “find your inner artist” getaways.
  • Medi-spas. More medical wellness and cosmetic medical spas may be on the horizon to feed the medical tourism trend. Among the technological health solutions they will offer are anti-aging medicines, injections, and lasers.
  • More attention to the bottom line. Since staffing can eat up to 50 percent of a spa’s revenue, expect to see more “de-staffed” treatments, such as heat and water activities, and to see treatments get more expensive on busy Saturdays and less expensive on traditionally slower times such as Monday and Tuesday mornings.
  • Going green. More spas will offer indigenous treatments, hire local staff, and give back to the local community.
  • More spa fusion. Expect to see more things such as Thai massage, which combines yoga with massage, and yogalates (a yoga-Pilates mix).