As part of the new strategic experience mapping process for Liberty Mutual Insurance’s high-profile events, meeting owners are asked key questions, all designed to discover what they want attendees to think, feel, act, and do as a result of the meeting.

These include:
• What emotions does your audience need to feel by attending this event?

• What opinions do you need attendees to form during this meeting?

• What do audiences need to do at the event in order to be motivated to act on the company’s objectives (pre-event, on site, and post-event)?

Answers to the questions influence the meeting design, meeting content, and meeting promotion. For example, the “story” of the event may be the key to creating a desire to attend. What is its history and tradition? Who else is invited?

When the director of event strategy, a member of the planning team, and the meeting owner work through these questions, an audience profile emerges and the meeting owner is left with a clarity of purpose for the event, says Mary Keough-Anderson, who recently retired as the head of Liberty Mutual’s meeting department. “We help them crystallize their objectives,” she says, “and tie those objectives into the event experience.”