This year, you probably don't want to schedule a meeting in Brazil on February 21, or in Singapore on August 9. Find out why at, a compendium of state and religious holidays around the world.

Search by date, religion, or country. The last is the most practical for event planners. If your show is headed to Sao Paulo, click on the alphabet to go to a page listing countries that start with “B.” Then click on “Brazil”; up pops a list of state and religious holidays.

Planners hoping for international attendance at U.S.-based events might search by date to see if any world holidays conflict, or by religion if special guests are Hindi (or any of 16 religions featured).

For event planners, two things could make this nonprofit site more useful: a little info on the holidays (does it shut down the city, or is a quiet trip to temple the only consequence?) and a calendar that projects a few years out (only 2001 dates are displayed).