Weighing only 4.8 lbs. and beaming an impressive 1000 ANSI lumens, Boxlight Corporation's XD-9m multimedia projector squeezes a lot of brightness into a laptop-sized unit that makes use of digital light processing (DLP) technology. For a little perspective, consider one of Boxlight's first DLP products, a multimedia projector that weighed 23 lbs., projected a 15-foot-wide image up to 50 feet, and cost $6,495 in 1996 (compared to $5,499 for the XD-9m).

The XD-9m fits in a case that measures about the size of a thick magazine (8.75 inches by 2.5 inches by 9.75 inches). A soft carry bag and standard connection cables are included. It has some nice standard features: It's compatible with 1080i HDTV format, and it can instantly identify a computer's video signal and set up the picture automatically. At the touch of a button, presenters can switch between computer images and videos without interrupting the pace of their presentation. The onboard DVI connector provides digital/analog connectivity, and the device comes with one-touch focus, zoom, and height adjustments.

Boxlight offers free lifetime 24-hour technical support and a 60-day upgrade policy to ensure that the product fits the customer's needs. It also offers help with everything from content development to the finishing touches. And the company's training division teaches how to make PowerPoint presentations and enliven technical speaking engagements.

To learn more, go to www.boxlight.com.