Are you a little nervous about that first event of the new millennium? Is there a chance the Y2K "bug" will force attendees to cancel or your venue to operate at less than 100 percent? Will the AV equipment quit and the lights go out?

Doomsday notions aside, there is a chance for computer-related disruptions in early 2000. But event planners are not without options. Underwriter Victor O. Schinnerer & Company, Inc., Chevy Chase, Md., and Gulf Insurance Company, a member of Citigroup, has a product called the Gulf/Schinnerer Event Cancellation Millennium Program, which provides insurance coverage for U.S. based organizations. The program protects against financial loss due to interruption, postponement, or cancellation of events for reasons including Y2K-related problems. The policy provides protection even if the event venue is rendered unusable six months or more before the event.

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