Simple Search: The site at is refreshingly straightforward. Pick from an alphabetical list of cities and the screen returns a list of Web sites associated with exhibition halls in the chosen municipality. Click again on a specific URL, and be transported to the relevant Web site. There is also an option to choose sites by geographic area. The site presumes some knowledge on the part of the visitor: You need to know that Amarillo is in Texas. But that's not exactly a brain-teaser, now is it?

Beyond easy searching and basic links, the only frill on the site is an option to send an online Request for Proposal "which will be reviewed by an official representative within 24 hours," it says here in the press release. was launched in mid-July by, which is itself a metasite of links to event-related sites.,,, and are all the creations of John A. Passalacqua, an online media and research consultant.

Close to 60 percent of the attendees at IT trade shows are high-level execs who participate in making buying decisions at their companies. Now, there's a factoid you can use to tempt exhibitors to your show. That figure is one of the many interesting details in "The High-Tech Trade Show Audience," a three-part study featured on the Million Dollar Library, a new CD-ROM produced by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) in Chicago.

Clearly organized by topic, such as Attendee/Exhibitor Characteristics, the CD-ROM offers instant access to more than 100 reports on a range of trade show-related subjects; several focus on high-tech events. Is your trade show attendance declining? Here's a possible explanation, revealed in one CEIR study: Since some computer execs are unclear about which IT events meet their needs, they decide not to attend any at all. Combine that data with other surveys' findings on attendee expectations, and you'll gain valuable insights on show management.

Articles on the CD-ROM are not only useful in planning a show, but you can add value for your exhibitors and attendees by packaging helpful hints for them. While many exhibitors leave promotion to show managers, the primary reason people decide to attend an IT show is an invitation from an exhibitor, reports one study. That's something exhibitors definitely need to know.

The CD-ROM is equipped with a search engine so you can quickly find information on a specific topic, such as computer shows, or locate a particular report. New CEIR reports will also be posted on a regular basis to a members-only section of CEIR's Web site at

The Million Dollar Library is $149.95 for members; $695.95 for nonmembers. Order now, and receive a CD-ROM carrying case as a gift. For more information or to order, call CEIR at (312) 808-2347, or fax (312) 949-3472.