Have you ever considered joining the Computer Event Marketing Association? Have you ever even heard of us? If you work for an IT company and your responsibilities include the success of your company's events, we're here for you.

CEMA was founded in 1990 by computer exhibit managers focused on changing the status quo--in particular, the relationship between show management and high-tech exhibitors. In the past nine years, CEMA has emerged as a leader in the event industry and continues to develop as an association. Membership now includes event managers as well as exhibit managers, and our mission remains steady: to create educational opportunities, increase public awareness, and set industry guidelines.

More than 100 IT companies and over 80 industry supplier companies are now members. In addition, the association's Board of Directors consists of upper-level event marketing management from Novell, Intel, and Apple, just to name a few.

The association hosts four "face-to-face" meetings a year in addition to the annual meeting, the Summit. Held every July, the CEMA Summit encourages attendees to network in an educational, nonsales atmosphere. This year's Summit, held in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, covered topics such as measurement, best practices, and the latest event marketing trends.

CEMA membership includes the annual Directory and Meeting Planner. An extensive listing of industry leaders and related events, the Directory and Meeting Planner serves as a great resource for both IT companies and industry suppliers. Other highlights of the association are study tours, surveys, job listings, and the monthly electronic newsletter, The Communicator.

As the membership and the industry grow and change, the goal of the association is to stay at the forefront of high-tech business. CEMA recognizes the unique issues faced by today's IT event marketing professionals and is committed to providing the resources and knowledge to meet those challenges. Perhaps more importantly, CEMA offers a network of the most dedicated, experienced, and savvy people in the world of event marketing.