The boards of ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership adopted the Global Principles for Socially Responsible Associations and Nonprofits, which were first developed at the Global Summit on Social Responsibility back in April.

The global principles, modeled after the United Nations Global Compact for corporate social responsibility, is designed to shape associations’ commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The seven principles call for associations to embrace responsible advocacy; economic and environmental sustainability of activities, including meetings; ethics and human rights; diversity; philanthropy and community service; socially responsible leadership; and an overall commitment to social responsibility. To read a full description of the principles, go to the global principles Web site.

Also, the boards approved a recommendation to make current CEO of ASAE, John Graham, the CEO of both ASAE and The Center, replacing Susan Sarfati in the latter role.

Further, the board approved a recommendation to integrate the boards of ASAE and The Center, with latter serving as a supporting organization to the ASAE board.

Currently, the two organizations operate with separate and distinct boards. Starting September 1, 2009, the beginning of the organizations’ fiscal year, the boards of ASAE and The Center will be populated by the same people. The chair of The Center board will be the chair-elect of the ASAE board, creating continuity between the two boards and a leadership track. A secretary/treasurer, which serves both boards, will become chairman-elect, thus Chair of The Center, joining the leadership track.

The Center board will meet separately from the ASAE board and will be responsible for approving spending of the endowment, fundraising, and knowledge development.