The International Association of Exhibitions and Events board of directors oted to create an Air Transportation Crisis Task Force with the charge of developing best practices for the management of exhibitions and events.

The task force will examine and anticipate the key air travel issues that will affect meetings and events and will recommend best practices to members for dealing with these challenges. Some of the issues that will be examined and monitored by the task force include the reduction of lift or the elimination of air service in cities; the inconveniences imposed on business and meeting travelers by the system; Transportation Security Administration-imposed obstacles; safety issues as well as other matters that have the potential to reduce the number of attendees coming to events.

The news, information, and tips will be delivered via the IAEE Air Transportation Newsletter.

Additionally, the IAEE board moved to launch a meeting of legislative representatives from member organizations to tackle the air travel issue. The objective of the meeting, which will be held in September in Washington, D.C., is to develop an IAEE legislative network of lobbyists to explore and advocate for issues of common interest and concern. Finally, the board voted to increase involvement with the Travel Industry Association, which has taken the lead in addressing the air transportation concerns.