Saying “It was Nothing” gets you NADA

“If somebody says that was a great conference you just planned, don't say‘It was nothing,’” advises Dawn Penfold, president of The Meeting Candidate Network, a New York — based recruitment firm. “You've got to show your worth … and the return on what you did.”

Say Yes to New Projects

“Don't turn down [an assignment] where you might learn something new,” says Penfold.

Learn all you can

“Anytime there's an opportunity for cross-training and learning something, learn it,” Penfold says. Never turn down opportunities to acquire new skills. “Learning beyond their job responsibilities is key for meeting planners.”

Find a Mentor

If you want to advance your career, find someone who can teach you what you need to know. “Try to get a mentor who is fair and objective and is also willing to discuss with you what you're doing wrong and how you should improve,” says Birgit Roeterdink, global procurement director for travel and meetings at Organon, a pharmaceutical corporation based in Oss, The Netherlands.

Network, Network, Network

Even if a connection you make doesn't translate into a job, use your built-in opportunity to meet people around the company to learn more about where else you might fit in. “It's a good way of seeing if you would be a match,” says Penfold.