People have one thing in common: They're all different.
ASAE immediate past chairman, Thomas Dolan, PhD

I have yet to go into an association whose leadership isn't white males sitting around asking, “What should we do about diversity?” We need to ask who else needs to be at the table.
Patti Digh, co-founder of The Circle Project

Men mean to; women do.
Journalist and keynote panel moderator Cokie Roberts

Life is about how many people we touch along the way.
Susan Sarfati, former CEO of The Center for Association Leadership and executive vice president of ASAE

If the developing world consumed at the same rate as the U.S., we would need five planets.
Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Ventures

The heart tells us what we want, then the head makes up a reason why we really need it.
Todd Charlebois, president, Association Marketing Partners

Virtual worlds can build real leaders. Don't be surprised — and don't dismiss it — if you see [virtual] gaming experience listed on a résumé.
Susan Fox, CAE, vice president, The Forbes Group

Most of us prefer to walk backward into the future, a posture which may be uncomfortable, but which at least allows us to keep looking at familiar things as long as we can.
Author/philosopher Charles Handy (who wasn't at the meeting, but did get quoted at a session)