Called the Magic Isle, Maui is ideal for meetings because the island's gods have arranged that residents and visitors alike shall have time for both work and play.

Maui's magical reputation had its origins long ago, when the demigod Maui looked upon his island. He saw the days were too short for his people to finish their work and enjoy life because the sun flew too swiftly across the sky. So, as legend has it, Maui hid in the crater of the highest mountain and snared the fierce sun god, then made him promise to travel more slowly over Maui. To this day, the sun keeps his word and even makes his home in Mt. Haleakala, giving visitors magnificent displays at sunrise and sunset as he comes and goes to light and warm the island.

The ancient culture that fostered the legends of Hawaii is having a renaissance on Maui--you see it in the voyaging canoes, hula kahiko, chanting, herbal medicine, fascinating festivals, and celebrations. You also taste it in the Hawaiian regional cuisine, which originated on Maui and is available at Roy's Kahana Grill, A Pacific Cafe, Sam Choy's, David Paul's Lahaina Grill, Carelli's, and the Hula Grill. Or enjoy the kalua pig, kiawe steaks, grilled mahi mahi, or the lomi salmon and authentic island entertainment at the Old Lahaina Luau, with music and dance reflecting the history of Maui from ancient times to the present.

West Maui includes Lahaina, a national historic landmark, much of which has been restored to its origins as a rowdy whaling village. Groups can tour the old prison, the Pioneer Inn, the Old Courthouse, and the sailing brig, Carthaginian. But even as Lahaina reveres its past, it hasn't forgotten how to have fun. Front Street along the ocean is unquestionably the liveliest place on Maui. Day or night dozens of art galleries, curio shops, restaurants with every imaginable cuisine, and nightclubs of every description go until the wee hours to entertain Hawaiians and visitors alike.

Nearby, the Kaanapali and Kapalua resort areas stretch along some of the prettiest white sand beaches in Hawaii, protected by the West Maui Mountains farther inland.

* More than 75 percent of Maui is wilderness and perfect for undisturbed hiking, sailing, or snorkeling.

* The best bike ride on the islands is Mt. Haleakala--a 38-mile downhill cruise from 10,000 feet.

* Maui is an island of vibrant contrasts: It has unspoiled villages where Hawaiian is still spoken and at the same time is home to more millionaires than anywhere else in the world.