"Always have a lower-tech, Plan B alternative for your audiovisual needs."

--Jeff Loether, Electro-Media Design, Ltd.

"Get to know your U.S. embassy in the country where your meeting is. Bring them a box of Oreos and they will love you forever."

--Carolyn Blackburn, Shangri-La Hotels International

"Don't ask for references, ask the party for contacts at the last five groups they have worked with."

--Jonathan Howe, Howe & Hutton

"Always bring back original invoices in order to reclaim VAT."

--Staci Krell, Meridian VAT Reclaim, Inc.

"If you pay 65 to 75 percent of your F&B before the event, you're carrying a big stick when you get on site."

--John B. Houghton, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Sharing their insights, this Beyond Borders panel of experts included (left to right) Networld's Robert Franklin, Shangri-La Hotels' Carolyn Blackburn, John B. Houghton of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and Pamela Block of Chemical Week Magazine.