With renewed focus on virtual meetings, organizations are looking for ways to use technology to turn large, costly national meetings into more cost-effective regional meetings. But how can they do so successfully without losing the messaging or networking that only live meetings offer? Or take a face-to-face meeting at one venue and extend its message to venues all around the country—or the world?

In the past, many meeting professionals thought of videoconferencing as too expensive or complex to use in any meaningful way. But the technology has become more affordable, the quality much better (you can avoid those “shaky heads”), and the choice of venue broad enough that planners have more options for managing meeting costs by adding virtual components.

Learn the language of videoconferencing, the kinds of meetings and events best suited to it, and the economies of different types of virtual technology in a free webinar organized by MeetingsNet on Tuesday, September 29, at 2 p.m. eastern time.

Join John Folks, president, Minding Your Business Inc., and chairman of the board of the Professional Convention Management Association; Brian Lagestee, senior vice president, technology and business development at PSAV Presentation Services; and Larry Keltto, editor, MeetingsNet for an informative and interactive one-hour session.

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